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Lilly is a certified professional midwife providing individualized care for women at all stages of their journey.

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Hi! I'm Lilly Mason, and I am a certified professional midwife.


My life purpose is to serve women in birth! My journey to midwifery started at 3 years old when I saw a sonogram picture of my little sister and spent the next year or so drawing everything with x-ray vision. My dolls were always pregnant, I was always convincing friends to play “birth” and was just fascinated by the mysterious process by which human beings make other human beings. In my teens, I planned to go to medical school to become an OBGyn because that was the only job I knew of that worked with pregnant women and babies. I attended college and studied pre-med and anthropology, sociology and biology so I could learn about people and get into medical school.

After college, I took the MCAT and started applying to medical schools. During that process, I was invited to attend a home birth as a caregiver for older children. At that birth, I was astounded to watch the midwife handle a complicated situation simply and easily without ever showing fear or leading the mother to be afraid. Her focus, calm energy, and skills saved the situation and allowed the baby to come gently into the world with loving, fearless parents. I knew in that moment that those were the skills I was called to learn, that focusing my education on learning to help support the normal process of birth was my true calling. I have been so blessed to birth my three children at home and to have learned from all of the wonderful and amazing women, babies, and families that I have served.

A lifetime Lawrencian, I earned my BA from Knox College in Galesburg Il, and then trained as an EMT, a Doula, and a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. On my path to becoming a midwife I studied with six local homebirth midwives and completed two internships at Better Birth Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. I completed my CPM certification through the North American Registry of Midwives. I have also studied Visceral Manipulation through the Barral Institute and hold current certifications in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation.

Dedicated to Service, Always Available.

Midwives have Patience, not Patients! ​

I call the families I work with “clients” not “patients” because I work in equal partnership with you to provide the care and support that you request and choose. I also partner with several other practitioners to create a community of care that can address a wide variety of needs. Vitality Health Collective offers holistic health care options for people of all ages. Including Integrative and Functional Medicine, Rolfing, Structural Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, Acupuncture and TCM, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Massage, Neurofeedback, and Life Coaching. Other Vitality members include Kinetikos BodyworksAtma ClinicFoundational Concepts, and Stillpoint Neurofeedback.

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