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Lilly Mason CPM

Why Birth With Lilly?

Lilly is a certified professional midwife providing individualized care for women at all stages of their journey. 

Find Your Partner For Whole Woman Wellness

Whole Pregnancy Care

Looking for a guide for your parenting journey? Lilly supports families choosing home birth through pregnancy, labor, birth, and the first year of baby's life. Prenatal, postpartum, and newborn care are comprehensive and tailored to your family's needs.

Preconception Counseling

Have you been looking to plan your pregnancy but are not quite sure how? Work with Lilly to optimize your chances of natural healthy conception!

Birth Control Detox

Are you coming off Birth Control? Lilly offers a variety of natural solutions to help your body detox from chemical forms of birth control and to re-balance your hormones.

Natural Fertility Counseling

Learn to recognize your natural fertility signals and chart your cycles so that you can control your fertility without hormone-disrupting chemicals. You can easily learn to avoid or achieve pregnancy using one non-invasive, affordable, sustainable method.

Placenta Remedy Services

Access full support for an easy postpartum recovery with Placenta remedies. Placenta services are included in birth care and available for families birthing in any environment.

Organ Harmonizing Bodywork for Whole Families

Are your internal organs well aligned? Organs move and shift during pregnancy and the gentle manual therapy of organ harmonizing can bring them back to their optimal positions which may speed and simplify postpartum recovery. This soothing hands-on therapy can also be great for new babies, fathers, women with fertility issues, or digestive issues. Organ harmonizing improves lymph and blood flow which helps the body thrive. Home visits available for newborns up to 6 wks old and their parents.

Postpartum Support for Families

Mothering is a big job, if you need someone to talk to about your health after giving birth Lilly is here for you.

Well Baby Checks

Have questions about your baby's health but don't want to be pressured to vaccinate? Lilly offers well-baby appointments for babies up to 1 year of age. Includes weighing, discussion of developmental milestones, assessing for tongue ties, assessment of breastfeeding difficulties, support for EC, extended breastfeeding, tandem nursing.

Women's Health Screenings

Looking for a healthcare partner who will listen to you? Lilly offers well-woman care, women's health screenings, and testing for common issues like STI's, UTI's, vaginal yeast, bacterial vaginosis, and other common issues of vaginal ecology. Treatment plans focus on natural, herbal, movement, nutritional, and lifestyle solutions that address the root causes of common issues. Referrals can be made to a gynecologist for specific disease processes.

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