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November 2019 Issue 1

Edited by Lilly Mason CPM

L to R  Partner midwife Brenda, myself, my kids, Arlo 14, Oscar 10, Ari 10, Flora 2, my husband Anil, other partner midwife Sus and her son Rudy 1, my whole support crew! We all work to help families grow and I couldn’t ask for a better team!

Welcome to this debut newsletter! I’ll keep it simple, short and sweet: Check here for birth announcements, herb and food recipes, news about my practice, and event information. It has been my pleasure to serve so many families over the years and I look forward to staying connected. If you would like to stop receiving these just click here to email me, write “opt out” and I’ll take you off the list. Feel free to pass these on to friends and family!

Welcome to the world 2019 babies!

Oliver, Maclane, Kaylynn, Drelha, Aidan, Zoey, Milo, Mose, Hazel, Maisel, Bridger, Story and more to come!

Your Birth, Your Way, Full Support.

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What’s new In my practice? Much to Report!

As many of you know I took maternity leave in 2017 to be with my new baby Flora. I’ve been practicing only part time since her birth. Now that she is 2 years old, my family and I are ready for me to practice full time again! My practice is blossoming in many other areas as well

New Resources

Introducing my first book:

Stop Puking and Love Pregnancy: A Midwife’s Practical Guide to Self Care for Your First Trimester.

Look for it to be ready by Dec 3rd.

Pre order your copy here

Be in the book!

I’m currently accepting stories about the first trimester, moms, dads, siblings, grandparents all are welcome to contribute. Submit a Story Here

New Services

Well Baby Care Are you struggling to find a doctor who supports breastfeeding, won’t push you to immunize, won’t scare you about co-sleeping, won’t give unnecessary antibiotics and will listen to you? Wish you could just keep seeing your midwife for well child checks? Now you can!! I’m offering well baby visits up to 1 year. 

Includes Organ harmonizing bodywork for the whole family

Open to families birthing in any setting.

Organ Harmonizing

I have been studying a manual therapy that includes organ palpation, realignment and balancing through the Barral Institute. This gentle therapy can be really helpful during postpartum recovery, fertility issues, newborn digestion or sleep issues or as a compliment to other therapies like chiropractic, rolfing, hellerwork, acupuncture, massage etc. Many of you have received this work during the course of prenatal care with me and I’m so excited to be able to offer more ways for you to access it! Don’t forget dad! This is a wonderful way to thank those hard working dads and partners who carry the other half of your family work load. I’m offering full family appointments so everyone can benefit. Click here to schedule yours today.

New Partnerships

Sus Kramer will be joining our collective as a midwife in January 2020! Many of you know Sus because she apprenticed with me in 2016-2017 and 2019. She is earning her CPM credentials from the North American Registry of Midwives and plans to take her qualifying exam this fall. Her unique skill set includes expertise in yoga, natural movement, nutrition and post partum healing. I’m delighted to continue working with her. Sus’s calm strength and gentle nurturing presence make her an excellent midwife! We are both so grateful to continue the collective sisterhood of midwives that includes sharing back up and assisting with Brenda Frankenfeld CPM.

Blessed Nest is a woman owned and operated company that makes organic buckwheat filled nursing pillows. They are the best, most helpful nursing and pregnancy supports that I have ever found. I’m so proud to announce that I am now an official distributor for these gorgeous pillows! After nursing they make great bed pillows too. I have one that is now 10 years old and still in perfect form that has been well loved as my nightly pillow. These are really wonderful for mamas who have had c-sections because the gentle weight of the buckwheat provides support for a recovering abdomen. Talk to me if you ‘d like to buy one. They make wonderful new baby gifts!

Kansas Midwives Alliance. In May 2019 I was elected as the President of the Kansas Midwives Alliance. I have been serving as the Vice President since 2016. If any of you are interested in being advocates for midwifery or possibly studying to be a midwife check out our organization.

Try this at Home!

Chocolate mandalas

  • 1.5 cups of raw organic nuts (my family’s favorite is a mix of pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds)
  • 2-3 tbsp of tamari
  • 2-3 tbsp ume plum vinegar
  • ½ cup dark chocolate chips


Toast the raw nuts in your oven or toaster oven for 5 min at 300 degrees.  Drizzle the tamari and ume plum vinegar over the nuts. Stir to completely integrate sauce. Toast for another 5 min at 300 degrees.  Remove nuts from oven and let them cool.

Place chocolate in a double boiler and melt it.  Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Stir the cooled nuts into the chocolate. Scoop spoonfuls of nut/chocolate mixture onto the cookie sheet, press with spoon to make flat mandalas or just make mounds, both ways are delicious! Cool cookie sheet in fridge to harden the chocolate.

If you are craving sweets and fatty foods this is a perfect healthy combination of all of those. You can even increase the good fat content by roasting your nuts in coconut oil. Getting organic nuts is worth the extra cost because harmful pesticides can stay present in the fat found in nuts. Eating sweets with protein and healthy fat helps you avoid the blood sugar spike caused by straight sugar. Be sure to buy enough for a few batches because your family will eat them all in one sitting, they are so delicious!

A Favor to Ask:

I’d appreciate online reviews if you feel so called! Google Lilly Mason CPM and leave a review.  These reviews help other families find midwifery care so leaving a review of your midwife is a great way to pay it forward. Thanks in advance!

Your Birth, Your Way, Full Support.

Lilly Mason CPM | 401 Arkansas Lawrence KS 66044 | 785-393-1709 |